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Large Circular Cattle Trough



  • Dimensions: 1800mm diameter, 620mm high
  • Fittings: brass 25mm BSP inlet 75mm outlet
  • Vibrated & reinforced 40mpa concrete
  • Capacity: 1160 Litres
  • Weight: 1250kg
  • Price: $540.00 inc. *

* Price does NOT include transport or float valve
** Transport can be arranged at an additional price
*** Australian made floats available from $110inc each
*** Floats valves available starting from $33inc each

Minicretes water troughs are versatile purpose built trough, with a trough suitable for every farming system including sheep, cattle, alpacas, pigs, and horses. All our troughs are manufactured using premium 40mpa concrete with added fines for strength & durability to withstand the toughest Australian and Agricultural conditions. They are steel reinforced and vibrated to ensure cracks, faults and water permeation don’t decrease the lifespan of your trough. Walls are 75mm thick with a 100mm thick base and a smooth and safe edge suitable for your most precious and accident prone four legged friends.

Only quality brass fittings are used in all troughs, outlet fittings are conveniently located for easy drainage to make emptying and cleaning your trough as quick and easy as possible. Strategic lifting eye anchor pins are fitted to every trough to simplify lifting, positioning and moving it. Float covers are also made from sturdy vibrated 40mpa concrete but light enough to be lifted and moved to allow access to float valve when not bolted down. Our concrete troughs are the superior choice for all agricultural systems as they are durable and can stabilise water temperature far better than other alternatives making it the number one choice for your watering system.

An adequate and properly designed watering system will benefit your agricultural system by improving pasture utilisation, decreasing evaporation, improving water quality and temperature and increase carrying capacity. Give us a call and let us help you design a system tailored to your specific requirements.